Our Debt Solutions

The debt solutions we offer will protect your assets while freeing up much needed cash for day to day living.

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Debt Review

With Debt Review your assets will be legally protected while you pay less on instalments and interest rates.

Debt Counselling

Assists consumers who are struggling to pay their monthly instalments. Payments and interest rates are rearranged.

Debt Consolidation

Monthly instalments are combined into one instalment without having to take out additional loans. Be debt free faster!

Our Debt Solutions

At Sandton Debt Counselling, our debt solutions will offer you immediate protection from credit providers. The processes we follow will reduce your monthly instalment amounts and also reduce interest rates. Our debt counsellors will make sure that you will have enough money left at the end of the month to pay for all other necessary expenses.

When applying for one of our debt solutions you will experience instant relief. You will be paying less from your next payment due date, so no more financial stress. We are here to take away your sleepless nights and make sure that you receive only the best service in the debt review industry.

Our main goal is to help our clients become debt-free in the smallest amount of time possible. Most of our clients are debt free within 3 to 5 years, although it might be less, depending on your unique circumstances.

What makes our debt solutions great is that you will be able to pay more when you can afford to. This could save you a lot of money due to the low interest rates we will negotiate. More money paid towards capital and less towards interest. Be sure to ask you debt counsellor about this when you get your yearly bonus or an increase.

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