How Does Debt Review Work

How Does Debt Review Work

So, How does debt review work? Debt Review works by protecting your assets from repossession when you cannot afford your monthly payments. The process will also protect you from legal action on normal debts, like loans and other credit.


A Debt Counsellor will do a financial assessment and then work out a unique payment plan, based on your situation.

Your instalments and interest rates will be drastically lower than before to ensure you have enough funds left to survive.

Our main goal is to make sure that you experience immediate financial relief.

We will, therefore, work out a new interim payment plan as soon as we receive your application. You will start paying the reduced amount from month one, so no more sleepless nights!

The Proposal

We will now notify all your credit provider that you have applied for the program. The credit providers will then send us notifications that we may proceed.

The new payment plan, also called a proposal, will now be sent to all your credit providers who in return will either accept or decline the plan.

Consent Order

In the rare case that a credit provider declines our proposal, we will proceed to court.

A Magistrate will then decide on the matter and make the debt review an order of court. You will not have to appear in court as we will be doing it on your behalf.

As soon as we have the consent order, all credit providers will restructure your accounts and your account statements will show as being up to date.


From our side, we will keep on working on all your accounts, making sure everything goes according to plan.

When the process ends, we will provide you with a clearance certificate which will enable you to go on with your life as if you were never under Debt Review.

To see if you qualify for this program, call us on 086 101 7480 or complete the call me back form. One of our debt experts will call you within 2 business hours.

Let Us Call You Within 2 Business Hours! Our Debt Review Experts Will Answer All Your Questions.