Why Choose Debt Counselling

Why Choose Debt Counselling?

Debt Counselling, also referred to as Debt Review will help you ruduce your monthly instalment amounts and free up extra cash. The process will also give you legal protection and keep your assets safe.

If you are one of the many South African consumers who are struggling to pay their monthly debt instalments, then Debt Counselling might be a way out of financial hardship.

You might ask, why choose Debt Counselling? And the answer is simple. The process will protect you from any further legal action and also protect your assets.

Debt Counselling will reduce your monthly debt instalments by up to 65%* and interest rates to as low as 0%*, with the help of a Debt Counsellor who will enter into negotiations with credit providers, on your behalf.

The Debt Review process will start as soon as the Debt Counsellor declares you to be over-indebted.

 You will start paying your reduced instalment from the first month, meaning, immediate relief!

From here on, the creditors will only deal with us only. The creditors will not bother you anymore and all your financial stress will be taken over by us.

As long as you keep on making your monthly payments, you will be protected.

As soon as your debts are settled, you will exit the program and be able to obtain new credit.

For more info, complete the “Call Me Back” form and one of our debt experts will call you within two business hours.

Let Us Call You Within 2 Business Hours! Our Debt Review Experts Will Answer All Your Questions.

Benefits of Debt Counselling

* Based on your specific unique situation. Your Debt Counsellor will discuss this with you.