What is Debt Consolidation?

What is Debt Consolidation?

Consolidation is a process where all your debts are consolidated into one monthly payment. At Sandton Debt Counselling we will make sure you pay the smallest consolidated instalment possible.

We are National Debt Counsellors and will assist you with the debt review process, no matter where you are.

Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation is when all your normal instalments become one payment. When you apply for Debt Review, this is exactly what happens.

The Debt Counsellor will work out a new payment plan which will consolidate your debts into one easy payment. You will have the option to pay this debt consolidation payment directly to our PDA or they will debit you.

It will be much easier for you as the consolidated payment will not change, so you will always know exactly how much money should go towards debt payments.

Our services will also include legal protection from credit providers and personal care throughout the process.

Is This A Loan?

It is important to understand that this is not a loan. All your accounts will still exist until they are fully paid up.

The Debt Counselling company will merely lower all instalments and combine the monthly payments. By doing this, we will free up much-needed cash and save you money on interest.

Debt Review consolidates your payments by negotiation, not settlement. We have found that taking out a debt consolidation loan usually does not work.

Many of our clients try this first and then end up under Debt Review in the end.

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Benefits of Consolidating Debt