Why Debt Consolidation

Why Debt Consolidation

When using our program for debt consolidation, you will have lower instalments and interest rates. We will also protect you legally from creditors.

Why use Our Debt Consolidation?

Why debt consolidation with Sandton Debt Counselling? Once you have applied for debt review with us, we do not only consolidate your instalments, but we also lower your interest rates and give you legal protection against credit providers.

Our company has many years of experience in consolidating payments and helping people free up money. Taking out a loan to consolidate your debt comes with high interest rates, which is not always the best choice.

Throughout the years we have found that many consumers who apply for a consolidation loan eventually end up applying for debt review.


Why Does This Happen?

The reason for this is, once the accounts are settled, the client starts using it again. This eventually leads to more debt stress and less money to survive.

With our company, you will not need to take out any loans. We will negotiate with your credit providers and work out a payment plan that you will be able to afford.

The credit providers will also allow much lower interest rates than you will get on a loan. This way, should you be able to pay more at some stage, your accounts will be settled faster. For more info, complete the “call me back” form and we will get in touch with you within 2 business hours.

Let Us Call You Within 2 Business Hours! Our Debt Review Experts Will Answer All Your Questions.

To see if you qualify for this program, call us on 086 101 7480 or complete the call me back form. One of our debt experts will call you within 2 business hours.