How Does Debt Consolidation Work

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How Does Debt Consolidation Work

Debt Consolidation is like putting all your accounts into one basket and making one payment per month. With our Debt Consolidation, you will not need to take out any new loans.

The Process

Debt Consolidation with Sandton Debt Counselling is an easy process. Once we receive your application, a Debt Counsellor will assess your income and expenses to see if you qualify for this debt relief program.

Should you qualify, the Debt Counsellor will place you under Debt Review. All your creditors will be notified that you have applied.

We will ask the creditors to send us all info of your accounts to work out a consolidated payment plan. You will only pay one consolidated payment per month, which will be collected via debit order.


Reduced Instalment

Your instalment amount will be much lower than what you used to pay towards debt and your interest rates will also be lowered.

The great thing about our Debt Consolidation program is that you will not have to take out any new loans. You will also start paying less from your next instalment due date.

Throughout the years we have freed many consumers from the debt trap and we surely want to do the same for you!

For more info, give us a call on 087 550 11 22 or complete the “call me back” form. One of our debt experts will call you within two business hours.

Let Us Call You Within 2 Business Hours! Our Debt Review Experts Will Answer All Your Questions.

The Benefits