Debt Consolidation

Some Benefits

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Debt Consolidation

With our Debt Consolidation process, we will combine all your instalments into one easy payment. The process is easy and you will be able to sign up within a few hours. To clarify, our unique debt consolidation process is not a loan. All your debt will stay your own while we take over your debt stress.

Loans usually come with high-interest rates which are not beneficial to consumers who are already struggling. We will negotiate with your creditors and lower your instalments, interest rates and also combine all payments into one. As an extra benefit, you will receive full legal protection against credit providers.

You will start to pay a lower instalment from the first month, so there will be immediate financial relief. Our Debt Counsellors will make sure that you will have enough money left at the end of the month to survive. All arrears amounts will be included and you will continue making payments as if you have never skipped an instalment – no creditor will call you to try and collect money.

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